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    Feeling a bit daunted by the start of school term getting closer? Not sure how you are going to help your teen through Year 12?

Saint's Coaching is here to help you, help them. Join our webinar for FREE 👏🏼 You can get the full lowdown on how English ATAR Made Simple by Saint's Coaching will help your child fly through Year 12.

🔎 How to avoid the 3 mistakes YOU could be making which are stopping your teen from passing English ATAR
🔎 The secret formula I used to increase my English ATAR by 9% in less than one month
🔎 How you can help your teen get straight into university (without a bridging course!)

💻 DM me ‘WEBINAR’ to get exclusive free access 🤭
(And support that covers their entire Year 12 syllabus!)

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    We aren't just a tutoring business. We’re WA's only English ATAR specialist.
What does this mean? 👇🏽

📝 Where other courses and tutors help you with multiple subjects, we are focused specifically on English ATAR for Year 12s. We believe in providing one superb service rather than several mediocre services.
📝 We know the course inside out. Our tools and resources are built on an extensive knowledge of the curriculum, previous exams, various texts and close to a decade of experience.
📝 We are passionate about helping you succeed. We know English isn't everyone’s favourite (even if it is ours). We care about helping you pass so you can get into your dream university course.

Get started with Saint's Coaching now: https://saintscoaching.com.au/

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Visual ID: Lennox is sitting at his desk wearing a white shirt with a Saint’s Coaching logo on the front. He is talking towards his laptop and pointing from one hand to the other.
    1 in 4 doesn't feel like good odds… That’s why we made English ATAR Made Simple (EAMS).

It’s a supportive, accessible, online course to help tackle Year 12 without stressing about passing English ATAR.

How do we do it?
📒 Fun video lessons to help you understand key concepts and skills you need
📒 Practice questions with good answers to give you a go at the real thing
📒 A supportive online community to share and collaborate with

The sooner you start, the calmer you'll feel 😌

Learn more:https://saintscoaching.com.au/ 

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Visual ID: A teen boy is looking at a laptop while holding a pen, writing notes. A blue box is layered over with white text that reads "25% of Year 12s in WA fail English ATAR each year." Following is Lennox sitting at a desk wearing a red polo shirt and black rimmed glasses. There is a microphone and laptop in front of him. A blue box with white text reads "Our mission: make sure you don’t become a part of that statistic!"
    It might make you a little anxious to think about your teen failing English ATAR…
That is so understandable!

Fortunately, passing English ATAR isn't the only way to get into university.

If they fail, the university might require them to sit the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) over the Summer holidays.

Want to ensure your teen passes English ATAR with confidence and ease?
📚 Saint's Coaching offers English ATAR Made Simple (EAMS) – designed to support them with engaging video lessons, course workbooks, study notes and an accessible, online community.
📚 If your teen completes EAMS and doesn't pass English ATAR, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for the cost of the course.
(Yep, you read that correctly!)

Get started early. Help them go into Year 12 on the right foot and find their confidence sooner.

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Visual ID: A blue textured background with white text layered over. Text reads " 'What happens if I fail English ATAR?' Read more in caption. "
If the ATAR system feels confusing to you — you're not alone, it is confusing. Your FINAL ATAR result is calculated off of the subjects that are your 'top 4', meaning your four highest grades between your combined coursework average and exam result. 

English doesn't have to be one of the subjects in your top 4, however you do need to pass it in order to get straight into most universities in WA. Passing means receiving an overall scaled score over 50.

So, if you really want to get into university it’s helpful to think about
🧠 How can you be strategic about your 'top 4' subjects if English isn't going to be your highest performer?
🧠 How can you ensure that you pass English without stress and worry?

That's where we come in! Saint's Coaching is here to help you pass English ATAR through easy to understand, supportive coaching.

GET STARTED: https://saintscoaching.com.au/

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Visual ID: A white textured background with black text that reads "Why you NEED to pass English ATAR" and a red box with white text that reads "Read caption for answers!"
    Going into Year 12 can feel like a daunting time 😨 When starting a scary year of exams, test and final grades, it can be tempting to think that more is more. Studying = good, so studying in holidays must be essential.

The real answer is that if you started course content in term 4 of last year, a little revision would be useful – as you'll be expected to pick up where you left things.

However, if you didn't start Year 12 content last year – skip the study. Enjoy your holiday break fully so that you can be completely prepared to go into Week 1 😌📝 

Will you be studying or relaxing? Let me know in the comments 👇

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Visual ID: A red textured background with a white box layered. Black and blue text is on top that reads ""Help! Should I study before school starts?!"
    It depends!

I know, I know.

That’s such a frustrating answer. But hear me out.

It depends on whether your teen started Year 12 in Term 4 this year, or if they’re starting Year 12 in Term 1 next year.

If your teen started Year 12 in Term 4 this year, I suggest they do some *light* revision of the content they’ve already covered before starting Term 1 next year.


Because the stuff they learned in Term 4 is examinable content, and — as they say — if you don’t use it, you lose it! We don’t want your teen ‘losing’ that examinable content from their brain, so a little refresher is a good idea.

Practically speaking, I’d suggest doing the following:

- Spend 2-3 hours linking content addressed in Term 4 to the relevant syllabus points. That’s it!

Okay, so what if your teen is starting Year 12 in Term 1 next year?

I suggest they don’t study over the holidays* (Yay!)


1️⃣ Miss out on essential rest and rejuvenation

- Burnout in Year 12 is a real thing. I’ve seen it time and time again. A student will start studying too early and instead of peaking in the WACE exam, they crash and burn. We want to slowly build up the intensity over the year, and starting too early might make this difficult.

2️⃣ Potential for knowledge gaps

- Unless your teen has something like English ATAR Made Simple,* they won’t know what to study!

3️⃣ Difficulties maintaining focus

- If your teen’s trying to study during the holidays while their mates are socialising…
- I don’t need to finish the sentence 😂
- Making time for social activities and relaxation now will pay off when it comes to crunch time.

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Visual ID: 

1. A textured red background with a white box layered on top. The text within the box  reads, “Should my teen study for English ATAR over the holidays?” The Saint’s Coaching graduation cap logo is at the top of the image.

2. A textured red background with a white box layered on top. The text within the box  reads, “If they started Year 12 in Term 4 this year: Some light revision is a good idea 👍” The Saint’s Coaching graduation cap logo is at the top of the image.
    I get how it feels. You refresh the tab for the 10,582nd time today, just to make sure it hasn't come through yet.

Waiting for your ATAR results can be the most torturous part of Year 12 😩

Stop. Take a breath. You've done the hard work. Now is not the time to start stressing or guessing what might happen 🧘🏻‍♀️

This is your sign to switch off and be proud of yourself for your hard work. The results will come when they come.

For now, it's time to enjoy being study-free! 🥳 📚

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Visual ID: A blue textured background with white text that reads "Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax and recharge"
    #endofyear feels. Parents, it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy the chaos of Year 12 exams being done. For everyone that made the most of Saint's Coaching this year, you should be so proud of both your and your child's effort. 

Time to kick back and enjoy some time off!

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Visual ID: A white textured background with a white box layered over. Black text reads "knowing that my teen is done with English ATAR and I will never have to revise another flashcard with them". An image of Selena Gomez sitting with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, looking into the distant wistfully.
    With the 2023 WACE exams officially complete as of Friday, this means the class of 2024 are almost ready to take centre stage. 👀

Did you know a number of schools have their current Year 11 cohorts starting Year 12 ATAR course content in Term 4?

What does this mean for your teen?
👉🏽 Getting a head start on English ATAR
👉🏽 Taking advantage of the summer break for extra study
👉🏽 Feeling more prepared come Year 12

Saint's Coaching is here to support you through Year 12 English ATAR next year with our EAMS (English ATAR Made Simple) course.

Thinking of testing out EAMS over the Summer break?
We’ve got just the thing for you.
(And it’s FREE! 🤫)
DM me ‘free’ to get started! 💬

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Visual ID: A red textured background with a red box layered over. White text reads "Give your teen a head start on Year 12 With EAMS"
    Not sure how you’re going to get into your dream university course? 🧐 
We can help with that.
Saint's Coaching is here to support students who are doubting their ability to pass English ATAR.

Here are our TOP TIPS for passing English ATAR, confidently 
✅ Start early, stay committed. 💪🏼
English ATAR Made Simple (EAMS) is a flexible, accessible course that can support you from the start of Year 12 through to your final exams.
✅ Use your goal as fuel for your fire. 🔥
Visualisation is major key here! Visualise the grade you’re working towards. Keep it clear in your head and use it as motivation to study regularly.

Lock in great grades with Saint’s Coaching 🔒: https://saintscoaching.com.au/

#PerthTutoring #SaintsCoaching #EnglishATAR 

P.S. swipe to see Lennox’s goal for EAMS 🤓

Visual ID: Lennox is sitting at his desk with a laptop, monitor and microphone in front of him. He is smiling at the camera and has his hands to the keyboard of his laptop.
    1 in 4 Year 12 Students in WA fail English ATAR 😳 * 

Don't let your teen become another statistic! Saint's Coaching is here to help them by providing:
👉🏽 Helpful virtual tutoring sessions
👉🏽 Tailor-made resources, including video lessons and notes
👉🏽 Practice exams to get them ready for the real deal

Is your teen heading into Year 12 next year?

Help them get locked into good study habits ahead of time. The best time to start is now!

LEARN MORE: https://saintscoaching.com.au/


In 2020 9,914 students took English ATAR, and 26% failed. 

In 2021, 10,019 took English ATAR, and 26.2% failed. 

In 2022, 9,169 students took English ATAR, and 27.5% failed.

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Visual ID: A red textured background with a white box layered over. The text reads, "1 in 4 Year 12 Students in WA Fail English ATAR".
    Exam season is well and truly upon us 🤯 With the English ATAR exam out of the way, we can all take a deep breath.

Still have more exams to get through? Swipe for some mental motivation to get you through 🧠

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Visual ID: A carousel of inspirational quotes. 1: "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard." 2: "You’ve put in the work. Now is your time to shine." 3: "Stay committed to your goals." 4: "You should be so proud of your progress." 5: "You are the author of your own story." 6: "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."
    ONE DAY until the 2023 English ATAR exam 🚀🔥 

I’d like to extend my heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to ALL the students of Saint’s Coaching. 🥲

Year 12 is complex, but I hope English ATAR Made Simple has made it a bit simpler for you.
(sorry, couldn’t help myself 🤦🏻‍♂️)

To the parents who have reached out to me to help support their teen through Year 12, thank you for your trust.

I know Year 12 can feel like a massive year emotionally, for teens and parents alike.
Well done on (nearly) getting to the finish line.

I’m honoured to be here for the ride.

I can’t wait to see what y’all get up to post-Year 12.

Until then,
Keep it simple
Lennox 🤓

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    The secret ingredient to a solid exam period? ✋🏽 Stop, it's not what you think. 
To ace your exams, don't just spend every day locking yourself up in the library (it's not worth it)!

You can use the Pomodoro method (25 minutes on, 5 minutes off) or a similar study timer to help you stay focused.

Just like you would schedule a session at the library, be strict with your downtime. It’s far more productive to mono-task on one activity, rather than try to 'study' whilst you watch TV.

Spending 8+ hours a day studying doesn't make a dent if you aren't getting good sleep.
Consider doing the following to boost that Sleep Score!
- Keep electronics out of bed.
- Avoid using screens an hour before bed.
- Practice having a ritual to get you ready to snooze.

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Visual ID: A white textured background with a red lightbulb illustration in the top right corner. The text reads "Breeze through exams with these 3 tips".
    COACHING vs. TUTORING 👩🏻‍🎓 📣 What's the difference?

Tutoring environments tend to be 1:1, private sessions that are focused specifically on the student bringing problems forward and working through them step by step. They can be expensive, high-pressure and demanding of our time.

Saint's Coaching is a service that merges the value of tutoring, whilst reinventing how it's offered. We provide an online platform (think: no more driving to tutoring) that offers our students video content, study notes, practice exams and an online community.

Tutoring can be demanding and inaccessible, so Saint's Coaching provides an environment that gives you all the perks of tailored help without the $$$.

If you're looking to support your teen through English ATAR, look no further than Saint's Coaching.

(It's the only tutoring business in WA that actually specialises in English ATAR 🙊)  

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Visual ID: Lennox sitting at his desk wearing a blue polo shirt. He is talking towards his laptop.
This isn't our first rodeo!
Swipe to read how to help your teen with pre-exam nerves.

Each year, we help students go from low or no confidence in their ability to pass English ATAR, to heading into exam season confident they have it in the bag 🎓

How do you keep your teen calm before exams?

#EnglishATAR #EnglishATARTutoring #PerthTutoring


Visual ID: A blue textured background with a white box layered over. The text reads "Keep your cool. Soothing pre-exam nerves". Following is a white textured background with a blue box layered. White text reads "1. Practice breathing. There are so many different options, but our favourite is box breathing. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, and repeat." "2. Positive affirmations. Believe in yourself! Write down positive affirmations and repeat them before and during your exam. Remind yourself that you've prepared well and have the skills needed to succeed." "Distraction. Opt for something mentally stimulating yet different from exam content. Think Sudoku, crosswords, going for a walk, listening to a podcast, baking or anything that moves your mind away."
    Exam season is incoming 😬
Whilst it is SO tempting for teens to cram as much study as they can in the lead-up to English ATAR exams, it's not always helpful.

Remember: quality over quantity, always.

Here are some important notes on how our memory works, so we can apply it to exam prep.
✍ We learn through repetition. So, cramming doesn't work because our brains don't have the opportunity to revisit and consolidate the content.
✍ In an English ATAR exam, the goal is to apply our knowledge of texts to the key parts of the questions. The more you practice applying that knowledge outside of an exam, the better you'll perform IN the exam!
✍ Our brain hits an upper limit at about 8 hours of work (sound familiar, hey?) Past this point, new information, creativity and clarity take a turn for the worse.

Feeling stressed about exams? 😩
Remember, it's all about what you do -- not how long you do it!

What's your favourite study tip?

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Visual ID: A white textured background. Text in a red bubble reads "Daily Reminder". Below is black text which reads "Studying longer ≠ Studying well"
    The top mistakes I see English ATAR Students making (before they join Saint's Coaching) 👇🏽

✏️ Not reading the texts assigned to them. It sounds so simple but by learning to engage and understand the course content, most students find they actually enjoy it. (Crazy, I know!)
✏️ Being scared to have an opinion. English ATAR isn't just about writing persuasive texts. However it is important that students feel confident to articulate an argument and then back it up.
✏️ Regurgitating the content of a text rather than applying analytical or critical thinking. English ATAR isn't about being a walking SparkNotes. It's about applying your understanding of the text to the key parts of the question.

🎓 Want to help your teen get the ATAR they're hoping for? No matter where their English grade is sitting right now?

We can help with that.

Our English ATAR Made Simple course helps your teen gain the skills they need to ace the WACE!

Ready to get started?
Head to our link in bio.

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Visual ID: A red textured background with white text that reads, "The Top 3 Mistakes I See English ATAR Students Make. And how we can help them!"
    Well, I guess this is why we do practice exams 😬

There is nothing worse than feeling rushed, overwhelmed or like you've missed part of an exam! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Saint's Coaching is focused on helping your teen feel READY for English ATAR with a helpful combination of:
📖 Helpful video content + notes
📖 Practice exams and past papers
📖 An online community of supportive peers

If you're feeling worried about your teens' upcoming English ATAR exam, we're here.

Want to know more about our course, English ATAR Made Simple? Drop us a comment below 👇🏽

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Visual ID: A white textured background with an image of Spongebob expressing internal rage. The text below reads, "When you get home from the exam and realise you missed an entire section"
    If your teen is already getting started on course content for Year 12 English ATAR -- it's never a bad time to start thinking about how to support their study.

We can help whether they:
👉🏽 Are already stressed about the workload
👉🏽 Haven't been feeling confident in their ability
👉🏽 Want to make sure their English results get them into uni

Our English ATAR Made Simple (EAMS) course is available at two payment options to suit your family's needs.
1️⃣ One-time payment of $1,495.
2️⃣ Three monthly payments of $595.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, both options come with a guarantee: your child passes English ATAR, or you get your money back.

Sound too good to be true?
Come and see for yourself. We're here when you need us: https://saintscoaching.com.au/

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Visual ID: An image of Lennox sitting at his desk smiling and pointing. Text reads "Save on stress and private tutoring fees." A second image with a red textured background and white text that reads "Get started with English ATAR Made Simple"


    Think of EAMS as 65 of the best English ATAR tutoring sessions your teen could possibly get, but without the hassle of scheduling and transportation.

    Each lesson is based on the syllabus and teaches exactly what your teen needs to know to ace English ATAR.

    Each session also includes tailor-made study notes — so your teen can simply focus on absorbing the content — and a set of activities, so your teen can then consolidate that content.

    The awesome thing is that each lesson is precisely as long as it needs to be to teach the relevant topic.

    The average lesson length is 30 minutes. The shortest is 5 minutes and the longest is 60.

    This is where EAMS differs from traditional tutoring. You’re not paying for someone else’s time; you’re paying for an outcome.

    Ultimately, that’s why you get a tutor in the first place, right?

    Possibly! If you’re looking for someone to help your child better understand what’s taught in the classroom, a tutoring service like Kip McGrath might work best.

    If you’re looking for someone who understands that most students just want the secret formula to passing English ATAR, look no further. Saint’s Coaching has got you covered.

    They could, but the curriculum is so jam-packed that teachers seldom have spare time to revise key concepts and strategies in great depth. I like to explain it as follows: let the teachers teach the what, and English ATAR Made Simple will teach the how.

    After tutoring Year 12s from more than 10 schools across WA it became clear to me that the confusion and frustration with English ATAR wasn’t an isolated thing, it was everywhere! I set out to help as many Year 12s as I could with the Pass English ATAR Roadmap, but I realised pretty quickly that there are only so many hours in a week to tutor one-to-one (especially with school thrown into the mix).

    Approximately 10,000 students sit the English ATAR WACE exam every year, and, on a good week, I could reach 15. My mission is to help all 10,000 students pass English ATAR, and with English ATAR Made Simple that’s finally possible.

    Saint’s Coaching is the business name, English ATAR Made Simple is the course name and the PEAR™ is the system the course uses to help your child pass. It’s like the difference between Apple, an iPhone and iOS!

    Absolutely. The PEAR™ empowered me to boost my English mark from 67% to 76% in four weeks. Imagine what your child could achieve in four months.

    I am going to show your child my entire proprietary method once they get access to English ATAR Made Simple. All the resources, tips, tricks and strategies. Everything.

    Unfortunately, some people out there (not you, obviously!) would exploit this by gaining access, creating copies, and immediately requesting a refund once I’ve shared my secrets with them. All sales are final to prevent these situations.

    The awesome thing is, I know you’re not one of those people. I know you’re serious about enabling your child to pass English ATAR, so they don’t have to stress about getting into university. And that’s why I created the YOU-HAVE-NOTHING-TO-LOSE guarantee. I created the guarantee for you, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your child will get into university once they complete the course.


    On 20 October 2022, SCSA updated the syllabus by changing the structure of Section One of the WACE exam (typically regarded as the hardest). These changes are effective from 1 January 2023, and EAMS is the only English ATAR resource that reflects them at the time of writing.

    They can, but remember that everything inside the course is tailored for Year 12s.

    For this reason, I’d recommend waiting until your child finishes English ATAR in Year 11 before giving them access to English ATAR Made Simple.

    If you’d like to reserve an exclusive spot for your child inside EAMS for Year 12, please email learn@saintscoaching.com.au!

    My goal is to ensure that every student who enters the program passes English ATAR.

    The five-student/week cap allows me to achieve this goal by personally introducing myself to each new student and providing the ongoing support they need to thrive in English ATAR and Year 12.

    Increasing my capacity would simply make it harder for me to give your child the attention they deserve inside English ATAR Made Simple.


    Option #1 is three monthly payments of $595, and Option #2 is a one-time payment of $1,495.

    Both options give your child equal access to everything inside English ATAR Made Simple.

    You can pick the option that’s right for you above any of the ‘Become a Member’ buttons. 😇

    365 days.

    The course is built for students in Year 12, which lasts for less than a year. This means your child will have access to everything they need to easily English ATAR for as long as they need it!

    Several universities in Western Australia require high school graduates who haven’t achieved a sufficient scaled mark in English ATAR to pay to sit the Written English component of the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (‘STAT’).

    What does this mean?

    If your teen wants to get straight into university but fails English, they’ll likely have to pay to sit the STAT over the summer holidays.

    Saint’s Coaching guarantees your teen will pass English ATAR if they complete English ATAR Made Simple (EAMS).

    However, if, for whatever reason, they

    don’t pass after completing EAMS, that’s on us. You shouldn’t have to pay twice.

    In this case, not only will you get a full refund; we’ll also cover the entire cost of your teen’s STAT.

    So, where does that leave us?

    Here’s the best-case scenario: you have peace of mind knowing your teen has all the assistance and resources they need to easily pass English ATAR and leave the door to university open.

    The worst-case scenario?

    You get your money back and we’ll pay for your teen’s STAT.

    EAMS works.

    We’re happy to back that up with our money.

    Either way, we keep your teen’s post-Year 12 options open!

    What do you have to lose?

    English ATAR is important because your teen must pass it if they want to get straight into university.

    If your teen doesn’t pass, they might be invited to do something called the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT), which is a test you have to pay and study for over the summer holidays.

    We don’t want that!

    None of this would really matter if passing English ATAR was easy. However (and rather unfortunately), that’s not the case.

    Over one in four Year 12 students in WA fail English ATAR each year.

    To put this into perspective, roughly 10,000 Year 12s in WA do English ATAR each year.

    In other words, English ATAR alone prevents about 2,500 Year 12s in WA each year from getting straight into university.

    That’s why this subject matters.

    Unlike other tutoring services, we understand that your teen just wants to know how to pass. 

    That’s where English ATAR Made Simple (EAMS) comes in.

    EAMS teaches the minimum amount of content necessary to ensure your teen:

    – has peace of mind knowing that what they’re learning is actually relevant;

    – passes English ATAR.

    In fact, EAMS is so essential that your teen could miss every single English class in Year 12 (except the assessments), just complete the lessons in EAMS, and still ace English ATAR.

    We can say this so confidently because your teen is assessed on syllabus content, and EAMS teaches everything they need to know about the syllabus in a fun and engaging way.

    So, yes, EAMS is extra work, but we promise it is the only extra work your teen needs to easily pass.

    English ATAR Made Simple (EAMS) doesn’t teach texts.

    That’s what SparkNotes does (and many other tutoring services in WA, for that matter 🙊).

    Instead, EAMS teaches your teen how to apply their understanding of a text to the syllabus content.

    That’s what WACE markers look for, and EAMS uses a step-by-step process to show your teen exactly how to do it.

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